The second volume in a series of monologues capturing the voices of pre-teens and teenagers from ages 11-17. You will find monologues for female- and male-identifying actors. Some are for gender-neutral characters, some are appropriate for non-binary or agender actors. There’s a monologue for a trans girl. Intended for performance and scene study. Some are perfect for audition or compeition.






“His monologues are so poignant, so funny, so personable, and so well-written. The only thing that I maybe haven’t stated enough is that it’s a crying shame that they are not performed way more as opposed to just doing the old “classics” over and over again. Wyndham has a gift for so many voices, and he writes with such deep compassion and empathy. He truly is a marvel.” –Emily Hageman

“Resonant and relatable, this engaging monologue takes us on a compelling emotional ride as Ramona asks us to dispel our preconceptions, about girls, their capabilities and interests, their POV on the world. Smart and nuanced, devastating and funny as all get out, this is a gem from Wyndham.” — Rachael Carnes on RAMONA

“I love Shannon’s voice, which sounds so perfect for her age, and what she wants from her mom is heartbreaking and all too realistic, making this monologue feel very relevant today.” –Jennifer O’Grady on SHANNON

“Asher is an absolute genius when it comes to stepping into a character and writing exactly what that character knows. And this kid? He’s the master. This monologue? Extraordinary.” –Lindsay Partain on MICK

“Spencer boasts, mocks, gloats and lords it over Mom and Dad just like any kid would like to. The specificity of the insults and accusations in this harangue shine.” –Steven G. Martin on SPENCER

“High stakes, clear objectives, natural dialogue, and social relevance gives this monologue for young actors something wonderfully tangible to work with. Great audition piece.” –Kelly McBurnette-Andronicus on JESSE/JESSIE

“A clear and powerful piece. The circumstances of the monologue unfold in layers as Sam tries to figure out how to process grief and carry on with life for him/her and for the rest of the family. Builds with exquisite care, detail, and structure to an end that feels like it could be a beginning–and that maybe Sam is ready for that beginning. So much for an actor to work with here!” –John Minigan on SAM

“In a classic teen vacation meltdown, Asher Wyndham has us picturing the entire scene just through one person’s words. This is a monologue craftsman at work, creating a world through one person and balancing humor with saying something meaningful. That this message comes from a teen and not the parents makes it all the more poignant.” –Robert Lynn on PHOEBE

“The cost of war is steep. And […] Mandy has a very mature perspective on the matter, as she frets about the safety of her boyfriend, who decides to enlist for a free ride to college. […] Wyndham’s monologue shows us how insulated the rest of us are from the horrors of combat, and how it’s not a game for those willing to take a chance. Another gem in his ever-growing arsenal of solo pieces for younger actors.” –Greg Burdick on MANDY BREWSTER

“Wyndham doing what Wyndham does better than anyone else–speaking for those who need a voice. Well, they have voices, but he provides them all words and he does it seamlessly. Shay is one of my favorite monologues by far because she wants to address the lazy attitude of the world. And the World needs its lazy attitude addressed.” –Lee R. Lawing on SHAY

“Riley! OMG — This play’s inventions and humor are balanced by sharp insight into our current anxiety-provoking climate and how it impacts kids. Wyndham hits another home run with this relatable gem. Made me itchy allover! Calamine is not enough!” –Rachael Carnes on RILEY

“A new Asher Wyndham monologue is something to look forward to and he doesn’t disappoint with NOLAN. At a time when we are exploring issues with bullying, when some say that the “nerds and geeks have won”, the issue of fathers and sons and what interests them and where they differ is an important one. And the issue of violence and injuries to young football players is also an important one. There is so much to unpack in this short monologue.” –Everett Robert on NOLAN

“What fun, and what a great role for a teen-aged actor to, uhm, sink their teeth into. Perfect for a Halloween -themed evening, but also for any kind of festival showcasing younger actors.” –Doug Devita on ZOMBIE TEEN



Each monologue runs between 3 and 10 minutes.

The complete selection runs approximately 75 minutes



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