First volume in a series of monologues capturing voices of pre-teens and teenagers from ages 11 to 17. You will find monologues for female-identifying and male-identifying actors, some for those identifying as non-binary or agender. Some are gender-neutral. These monologues are intended for performance and scene study. You will find some perfect for audition.






“Is anyone writing for kids with such compassion and zeal as Asher Wyndham? I doubt it. With every new monologue, it’s like a light turns on for the first time, or a star finds its moorings in the heavens. These moments sing!” –Rachael Carnes

“Unsurprisingly, Wyndham has done it again. He gets it. He understands what young people want. Middle school girls want to play parts where they get to be brave and strong and real and he hits on all three of these so beautifully[.]” — Emily Hageman on JANINE

“Wyndham’s ear for dialogue in this age group is pitch-perfect. A young actress could relate to this and shine in competition.” — Claudia Haas on ALYSSA

“[H]e highlights so well the new normal for students everywhere and their willingness to take that next step, to be the person who places themselves on the front lines of the blacktop.”–Lindsay Partain on ALEX

“As a militant anti-smoker I cheered this kid on from beginning to end! I want this child to grow up and RUN THE WORLD!!!”– Scott Sickles on FRANKIE

“Asher Wyndham is a brilliant writer who touches us with his “slice of life” monologues. In this piece, he brings us into the mind of a middle schooler and reminds us what it’s like to be so frustratingly misunderstood.”– Julie Zaffarano on BLAIR

“A comedic and interactive monologue that must be praised for Wyndham’s ability in making the dialogue sound natural.”– Chris Gacinski on KIP

“A concise yet thorough examination of the double-standard between boys’ and girls’ attire in school and how that hypocrisy pervades the world at large by way of a power structure that celebrates men while subjugating women… especially smart, confident women.” — Scott Sickles on ZOEY

“[T]he writing is phenomenal, fluid, abrupt, terse, expansive, wholly spectacular. Wyndham can find just the right moment to focus on, when people are ready to let loose no matter where they are, here in a motel.” — Ricardo Soltero-Brown on YANIQUE

“This could be a very good tool to reach out to young people and have a frank, and frankly needed, conversation about sex and phone behavior.” — Matthew Weaver on QUINCEY

“As a director of youth theatre, I cannot recommend this original monologue enough. It perfectly captures a soul searching teenager trying to work through his own feelings. Genuine and incredibly thought provoking. A must for younger actors.” — Glen Dickson on DIVER

“Wyndham’s monologue is the kind of lunchtime revolution that jolts me in a good way[.]” — Steven G. Martin on PASHA

“Quinn should have actors fighting the impulse to “cry, this character is stronger than weeping, but not above it, just like the best of humanity.” — Ricardo Soltero-Brown on QUINN



Each monologue runs between 3 and 8 minutes – detailed in the Preview below.

Total running time approximately 75 minutes



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