TAPAS – A tasty sampler of 10 short plays guaranteed to tingle your theatrical taste buds with a full-flavored evening of delicious fun!

SPEED DATING IN PARADISE: 2m. 2f. — When his roommate Lucifer takes him to a speed dating venue, what is the likelihood that Adam could meet his Eve?

DOUBLE EDGED SWORD: 1m. 1f. — Suspicion and jealousy get in the way, thwarting romance in a big way.

ALICE IN THERAPY: 1f. 1m. — When her recurring nightmare persists, one young woman seeks help from a certain Doctor Freud in the hopes of putting her dream demons to rest.

A BIT OF HAVOC AT HENNESSEY’S: 1m. — A bellicose bully meets his match, who just happens to be his ex-wife, and more than sparks fly.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: 2f. — Her estranged husband leaves her in financial crosshairs, and a woman takes on a temporary roommate to help with expenses, at a cost she would never have imagined.

CALL IT KARMA: 2f. 1m. — When Karma comes calling, Fate has a way of righting old wrongs.

TAKE AWAY: 2f. 1m.– A dose of mother/daughter conflict is on the take away menu, but sometimes, memories and a message of hope can change things.

V-DAY: 2f. 1m. — A disgruntled wife discovers that the man she married still has what it takes to rev up a romance.

TWISTED DICKENS: 2f. 1m. — A modern take on a classic tale finds one lad with “Great Expectations” about to get more than he bargained for.

SPECIAL DELIVERY, SIGNATURE REQUIRED: 2f. 1m. – The glowing embers from a once hot romance die, and one man must come up with a dead-on solution to breaking off a romance gone cold.



A variety of 26 characters over the whole 10 plays



Each play runs approximately 5-10 minutes

Approx 75 minutes in total if performed back to back



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