TALES OF THE SUN KING by Kenneth N Kurtz


In very free verse, Magic Realism meets the Seventeenth Century.  Louis XIV spars with the three men who made his dreams come true:  painter Charles Le Brun, garden designer Andre Le Notre, and military engineer Sebastien de Vauban, whose wondrous forts protected the frontiers of France.  As well as the three women who delighted his private life:  comely Louise de la Valliere, voluptuous Madame de Montespan, and puritanical Madame de Maintenon. At Versailles all seven work to create a glorious edifice with dangerous cracks in its foundation.



ACTOR ONE: Louis XIV at the ages of 25, 35 and 68

ACTOR TWO: Louise de la Valliere (19), Madame de Montespan (32), and Madame de Maintenon (72). 

ACTOR THREE: The painter Charles le Brun (45), the garden designer André le Notre (6I), and the military engineer Sébastien de Vauban (74). 

CHORUS M6 F3 – In the first scene they present palace lackeys, Le Brun’s assistant, and his models.  For the second they are gardeners, statues and a young girl.  For the third they become footmen, soldiers and a peasant family.


Approx 95 minutes



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