Sy and Rita Finberg return home from their last day working at Sy’s Bargain House, a mom and pop clothing store they operated for 43 years in a working class section of Philadelphia. Sy, looking back, feels satisfied while Rita expresses regret stating that selling dry goods was never what she imagined doing her entire working life. Sy’s estranged sister, Goldie, enters and reveals how Sy manipulated their mother into passing the store unto him even though she had worked there since childhood. Goldie slaps Sy repeatedly demanding he give her money for “ruining my life”. Rita intervenes, Goldie leaves, and the play ends as we see a younger Sy speaking with his mother as a younger Goldie folds merchandise totally unaware of the betrayal taking place in an adjacent room.



Sy Finberg:                       Mid to late 60’s. Cold and uncaring, he manipulates his mother into passing the family business onto him rather than to his younger sister. He also remains both critical and unappreciative towards his wife, Rita.

Rita Finberg:                    Mid 50’s to 60’s. Sy’s wife of 46 years. She does everything to support her husband in spite of his unappreciative nature.

Goldie:                               50’s-early 60’s. Sy’s younger sister. Goldie is shocked when her mother decides to pass the store onto her brother. Returning after not speaking for forty years she demands Sy give her money for “ruining my life.”

Mama:                              60’s-70’s. Mother of Sy and Goldie. She decides to give the store to Sy in spite of Goldie’s protestations.

Young Sy Finberg:            Mid 20’s-30’s. He informs Rita he’s decided to leave his job as an accountant and take over a small clothing store operated by his mother.

Young Rita:                       Mid 20’s-early 30’s. A loving newlywed, she’s shocked when Sy announces they are to relocate and operate a small clothing store.



Approximately 75 minutes



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