SWEENEY TODD by Richard Hills


Based on the horrible murders of Sweeney Todd in Fleet Street in 1846, The disappearance of men in the Barber’s shop, the stealing of a valuable string of Pearls, and Mrs Lovett’s peculiar pork pies. What happened to Lieutenant Thornhill and Mark Ingestre? Will Miss Johanna Oakley find her lost love? Will the drunken Reverent Stillingport marry Mrs Lovett? Will Uriah Creep the Bow Street Runner get promotion and get married? Will Sweeney Todd get caught?  This is an ideal challenge for Youth Groups and Societies who are looking for a challenge. Cast 13 M. 7 F, some parts can be doubled or two parts changed to F




Lieutenant Thornhill. Dressed as a Young Naval officer in his early thirties.

Reverent Stillingport.  Middle aged man of the Church, a drunkard with an eye for women. Tries to get a wife but fails completely.

Mrs Lovett.  Middle aged, a drunkard, depends on Sweeney Todd to get her out of difficulties.

Urial Creep. Young Bow Street Runner looking for promotion and on lookout for nice girl to be his wife.

Johanna Oakley.  Girl age eighteen, desperately waiting for the return of her true love.

Arabella Johnson.  Friend of Johanna, age nineteen, who Creep sets his eye on.

Chestnut woman.  Big buxom woman of any age.

Mrs Oakley.  About forty, wonders how she came to marry Mr Oakley, and is after any man she can get.

Mr Jasper Oakley.  Middle forties, timid, stutters, and makes spectacles.

Colonel Jeffrey.  Military man returned from India, about fifty, a kindly man.

Sweeney Todd.  The villain, in his forties, big man, big hands, black hair, contorts his face into ugly shapes. He is dressed in black suit, and wears large black hat and black cloak.

Mr Ezekiel Smith. Little man in middle fifties who built the mechanical chair and tunnels for Sweeney Todd.

Mrs Ragg.  In her forties, mother of Tobias Ragg.

Tobias Ragg.  Boy of fourteen, can be played by boy or girl dressed as a boy.

Mr Jacob Abraham.  Jewish man owns Jewellery shop and Pawnbrokers, middle aged.

Mark Ingestre.  Twenty year old Sailor in love with Johanna, who travelled to India to make his fortune, his ship caught fire and sank, and he is believed drowned when his ship went down.

Mr Fogg.  Elderly owner of Lunatic Asylum in Peckham., Wears spectacles, age about seventy.

Woman in white coat. A big buxom woman, an attendant at Asylum.

Sir Richard Brown.  The Chief Magistrate at The Old Bailey, he is in his fifties.

Jimmy Watkins.  Young boy of sixteen who goes to Mrs Lovett’s shop to buy meat pie and is forced down to cellar to take on job of cook. Girl can play the part by changing name to Jenny Watkins.



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