STILL FEISTY by Vivian C Lermond


STILL FEISTY – A Full Night of Theatre Fun

     STILL FEISTY delivers a colorful collage of characters who have never forgotten how to be young, and who have never quite learned how to be old.

This comedy collection features a full evening of theatre – a tempting tapas of 9 short plays to satisfy everyone’s theatrical taste buds.

     STILL FEISTY offers strong roles for actors 45+ to give voice to characters who speak to the ageless, indomitable spirit in all of us by delivering a cross-generational message: Change happens, go with the flow, and at any age, realize that life is what you make it.

The Collection contains the following pieces;

MYRTLE BEACH SUNRISE – Just when you think the sun is setting on your life, a new dawn can alter the horizon.

TITANIC TOO – Sometimes it takes a plunge into the deep end to realize the water is fine and that life can change with the cast of a fishing line.

HALLOWEEN HEROINE – When Al Capone comes calling for treats, can Wonder Woman have enough tricks up her cape to botch his caper?

BEACH WEDDING – A comedic DUOLOGUE that explores a mother and father’s different perspective on their daughter’s unconventional destination wedding.

FICTION FRICTION – A chance encounter changes the course of two lives caught in a no-man’s land between ambivalence and complacency.

GETTING LUCKY – Two brothers, one woman and a fleeting chance to win a game of hearts might be a gamble worth taking.

ABIDING REST – When a funeral services salesman comes calling on a feisty senior, Fate steps in and delivers a change of plans.

BURIED TREASURE – Can a 25th anniversary trip to Punta Cana rev up romance and put a Capital “P” in “Paradise Regained”?

EMOJI ME NOT – It’s a clash of emotions when one combative couple battling marital boredom find themselves embroiled in an unexpected conflict, and discover that art does indeed imitate life.



A variety of characters – 25 different characters in the 9 plays



All the pieces are approximately between 5 and 10 minutes long



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