SPACE ROX by Valerie Goodwin


The Scooby Doo musical spoof with ‘The invasion of the body snatchers’ re-vamped with songs, physical theatre and multi role.

Running time: 1 hour ( or less, so can be entered for festivals, can be a showcase, part of an evening, a second half..!) Also ideal for students for GCSE, GCE and BTEC exams.


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cast minimum of 8, max .of 25

  • Alvin Graceland , the singing swinging rocking lookalike hero
  • Waldo , the eccentric professor/ inventor one
  • Gilly the girly one
  • Zelma the knitted skirt and flatties one-
  • Dr Miles Better- the concerned and heroic doctor
  • BETTY :the Doc’s girlfriend, less cutesy than Gilly but a good sort
  • Assorted parents and ALIENS  etc incl. Frilly=5 at least.
  • Voice over Man


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