The first volume in a series of monologues for kids under 12. There are monologues for female-identifying and male-identifying actors, including those for gender-neutral characters. Perfect for classroom study and performance. Some are perfect for audition and competition.






“What can I say that I haven’t already said about Wyndham? His monologues are so poignant, so funny, so personable, and so well-written. The only thing that I maybe haven’t stated enough is that it’s a crying shame that they are not performed way more as opposed to just doing the old “classics” over and over again. Wyndham has a gift for so many voices, and he writes with such deep compassion and empathy. He truly is a marvel.” — Emily Hageman “As the parent of a girl who hated girly Halloween costumes I can so relate to this, but the underlying message here is that parents need to stop forcing their children into gender pigeonholes, something Vulture Girl already understands at her young age. Terrific monologue!” — Jennifer O’Grady on VULTURE GIRL

“Are you reading and producing Asher Wyndham’s work? If not, why? His voice is a clarion call — Sensitive and forthright — And his plays offer genuinely new ideas and carry the action and energy necessary to sustain them. This play’s no exception. Here Wyndham captures — with a breathtaking economy — the absurdity of arming children with defense mechanisms against terror in their classrooms and the noxious routines of hyper-masculinity that creates that need. Not sure how he even does it. Just read it!” — Rachael Carnes on ALEX

“This monologue is sweet and innocent while still holding on to its pointed importance. Love it.” — Lainie Vansant on FRANCIS/FRANCES

“I don’t know how Asher does it, but is always a pleasure reading his monologues. In very simplistic fashion, Asher builds complex situations in which his characters (being this one or others from his other monologues) get to attack our society’s illness in the most common ways. Seeing Turtle Kid plea is heartbreaking, as he moves from pain into action just to realize what he is doing is not enough. But it is that realization that propels him to do even more, making him the hero we needed him to be. READ THIS!” — Nelson Diaz-Marcano on TURTLE KID

“As ever, Asher Wyndham creates an honest, accurate, and complex portrait of a unique yet universal child. The are some days when we’re just not in the mood to touch people and be touched by them. But for kids, adults use circumstances to dictate their children’s physical boundaries, and sometimes it’s too much to ask. I want to cheer Cris on for setting those boundaries like a rational, intelligent, yet still emotional young person who is doing their best not to let the situation get the best of or get away from them. There’s a lovely lesson here.” — Scott Sickles on CRIS

“Against a backdrop of humor, OCTOPUS KID delivers a powerful, persuasive message on saving marine life. A wonderful work that needs to be heard!” — Vivian Lermond on OCTOPUS KID

“Unsurprisingly, Wyndham has done it again. He gets it. He understands what young people want. Middle school girls want to play parts where they get to be brave and strong and real and he hits on all three of these so beautifully in three pages. It’s fiercely funny and adorable, but it’s also full of real, genuine heart. Well done as always. Never surprised with Wyndham, but always so pleased.” –Emily Hageman on JANINE

“I love Shannon’s voice, which sounds so perfect for her age, and what she wants from her mom is heartbreaking and all too realistic, making this monologue feel very relevant today. This would be a joy to perform. Anyone seeking monologues (of all kinds!) should be reading Asher Wyndham’s work.” — Jennifer O’Grady on SHANNON

“Nolan has come to the pivotal moment in every “young boy’s life where they have to make the decision to do what’s best for themselves, to be their own person, and to not just follow the path their parents have laid out for them. As someone who played football when he was younger when I really didn’t want to but felt like I had to, this is so relatable. Wyndham really hit the nail on the head in a very fun way with this one.” — Ryan M Bultrowicz on NOLAN

“It’s a great monologue for young performers and wholly something that anyone can relate to if you knew adults that smoked. Great for auditions or competitions.” — Frankly Gonzalez on FRANKIE


The monologues run from 2 1/2 to 7 minutes



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