The story has the usual characters associated with Snow White; the lovely principal girl, a prince, a wicked witch, a talking mirror and seven dwarves. However, there is a secret that unfolds within the script that adds to the suspense of the plot. Other not so familiar characters help the story to a happy ending.

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Townsfolk – chorus, dressed in villagers clothes. All participate in the singing and dancing. Lots of gusto required throughout.

Herald – male or female. A cheeky chap who makes the appropriate announcements with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

King – male, an emotional person who is taken to weeping at the drop of a hat.

Queen – female, the baddie of the show. She needs to be of striking looks, be that ugly or good looking. A lot of venom falls from her lips as she tries to rid herself of Snow White, the one thing that stands in the way of her reigning over the land.

Snow White – principal female, rather simpering but gathers courage and spirit as the pantomime progresses.

Petula – male or female, could be a Dame or young girl, either way she needs to be dressed gaudily. She is the Queen’s right hand person, a spoilt brat who demands everything and is jealous of Snow White.

Prince Harry – female (Principal boy), simpering and in love with Snow White.

Aide Harry – female (second principal boy), older and wiser than the Prince but totally loyal to him.

Mirror – male or female, silver costume with frame. The character feels trapped inside the confines of the frame and does not want to do or say what the Queen wants of it but feels as it has no choice due to her greater power.

Huntsman – male or female, a kindly family man who wants to do the right thing but is pushed around by the more powerful person or situation.

Forest Animals – five young children. They dance and mime responses. Should act the animal they are all the time.

Dwarves – to get the point of the story, six of the dwarves are to be big burly males. They are who they are named; for example Grumpy is really grumpy etc.

Dopey – male or female, small of statue so he or she can be thrown about by the other dwarfs. Must be agile, have good comic timing and a rapport with the audience.



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