SNOW WHITE by Gary Clapperton


Everyone knows the story of Snow White.  The magic mirror tells her wicked stepmother, the Queen, that Snow White is the fairest in the land so she orders her henchman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her.  Snow White escapes and takes refuge in the miner’s cottage.  Her wicked stepmother, disguised as an old woman, finds Snow White and tricks her into eating a poisoned apple.  She is saved by a kiss from a Prince and all live happily ever after.

In this pantomime, all the above happens but there is much fun and laughter on the way with Gladys the palace cook, Muddles a palace servant, the miners, a ghost and Igor the Queen’s henchman.

As many of the characters are non-specific gender and age, this is an easy pantomime to cast.  Also, the miners are not dwarves and there are only three of them.



Snow White:     A princess.  Stepdaughter of Queen Botox.

The Prince:       Principal Boy.

Ardleigh:            The Prince’s companion.

Queen Botox:   Snow White’s evil stepmother.

Igor:                   The Queen’s henchman.  A hunchback.

Gladys:             The palace cook.  Dame.

Crone Queen:  Transformed Queen Botox.  Old and bent.

Muddles:           Male servant and dogsbody in the palace.  Not very bright.

Marion:              A serving girl in the palace.

Beaky:               A miner.  Not tall.  Bossy.

Dozy:                 A miner.  Not tall.  Not very bright.

Titch:                 A miner.  Tall and slow.

Wild Woman:    A soothsayer who lives in the forest.

Robin Hood:      Leader of the band of robbers in the forest.

Ghost:               Male or female.  No dialogue.

Chorus:      Guests at birthday party



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