SLEEPING BEAUTY by Joshua Clarke & Lewis Clarke


Sleeping Beauty – a pantomime for all the family.


The evil Magnificent along with his sidekicks Dumb and Dumber, plot to rule the kingdom by cursing the new-born Princess, Aurora. He casts a spell which means she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel at the age of 16 and die! The Good fairy arrives just in time however, to ease the curse, by saying that she shall not die, but merely fall into a deep sleep until awoken by true loves kiss. The King and Queen decree that all spinning wheels shall be destroyed and that the Princess shall live under the protection of the Palace Nurse until her 16th birthday to quell Magnificent’s plans.

Sixteen years later and the Palace is preparing for the Princess’ homecoming, including Aurora who has no idea that she herself is the Princess. She meets Prince Orlando, who is betrothed to the Princess to awake her, in case Magnificent’s plans come through. After a short time together they fall in love and are both relieved to find out that they are actually betrothed to one another.

Dumb and Dumber, who have infiltrated the Palace Kitchens, discover the true identity of the Princess and the Prince’s existence too. They report to Magnificent just in time to execute the plan. Not only do they send the Princess into a deep sleep, but they kidnap the Prince to stop any chance of her be woken from her sleep.

The Palace nurse, her son Tommy and Aurora’s best friend Bella, set off on a quest to save Orlando to bring him back to bring Aurora out of her eternal sleep with true loves kiss.

Once they arrive at Magnificent’s lair, they manage to sneak the Prince away without Magnificent noticing and they get him back to the Palace. With Magnificent in pursuit, Orlando kisses Aurora to wake her up, and all seems well. However, Magnificent arrives in a rage and transforms into a dragon to fight the Prince. Magnificent knocks Orlando to the ground, but the newly awoken Aurora steps in to defeat the evil dragon. Aurora and Orlando then become engaged and live happily ever after.



Princess Aurora:       Heir to the throne. Strong, hard working, loyal and kind

Prince Orlando:        Handsome, Earnest, Gentle and Noble

Nurse:                        Energetic, Jovial, Frisky and Tenacious

Tommy:                     Childish, Doting, Faithful and Gullible

Bella:                          Lively, Dependable, Adoring and Adventurous

Fairy:                         Enchanting, Spectacular, Zany and Good

Magnificent:              Monstrous, Dastardly, Tyrannical and Slimy

Dumb:                        Devoted, Simple, Tricky and Naive

Dumber:                    Absent, Senseless, Innocent and Roguish

King:                          Dignified, Stoic, Affluent and Open

Queen:                        Excitable, Sassy, Caring and Cheerful





Sleeping Beauty


St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

Director and Choreographer – Annabelle Clarke

MD – Andrew Hardy

Sleeping Beauty is one of my favourite pantomimes and this new updated version written by Josh and Lewis Clarke did not disappoint. Directed by Annabel Clarke this was a slick, fast paced production with all the ingredients to ensure a well-deserved hit with the audience. Scene changes were well executed, lighting was perfect, with no dark spots and sound again was well monitored with mics consistently brought up on cue. Well done the technical crew, you did a great job.

Once again Kanyin Jolasho took on the role of the baddy in the show. This time as the wicked Magnificent who had the only spinning wheel in the kingdom! Command of the stage was good and your connection with the audience was well controlled. It’s so easy to get carried away with “Boos”!!! etc., but you handled this skilfully. Well done.

Emma Cole and Jordan Clarke as Dumb and Dumber again worked very well together. I enjoyed the fact that they were given equal opportunities to take the lead in the pairing and again showed their skills at connecting with their audience. Dialogue was slick and vocals very strong indeed.

Kiera Nicole Harris was well cast as the fairy but do take care not to deliver your lines too quickly. We need time to take in and process what you are saying so that we can enjoy your character. Slow down a little. 

Josh Clarke as Tommy and Yiana Schafer Thomson as Bella were perfectly match together, giving a masterclass in comedy timing and delivery. You both worked together really well, and it was a pleasure to watch your characters come to life. 

The Nurse in the story, played by Peter Wright, was not such an influential character in this version of Sleeping Beauty, however, Peter never failed to give his all. Peter has the role of Dame firmly understood. His interaction with both the cast and the audience are always well balanced and at the matinee I attended he instinctively knew just how far he could take the jokes and how to play his audience. Skilful to say the least.

Georgina Bateman was perfect as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Delivery of your lines was clear and well-paced; vocals were strong and your interaction with the rest of the cast was confident and natural. I like your performance and look forward to watching you again.

Noah Clarke as Prince Orlando made the perfect partner for Princess Aurora. I liked the connection here. It was not over played or sickly sweet but very natural and understated. Thoughtful piece of direction here by a director who knows and understands her cast. 

Theresa Millar and Alan Reilly as the King and Queen completed the cast and again their stage experience and knowhow gave a steady balance to the proceedings.

The kitchen scene was a great hit with the audience and not too long but for me, the outstanding element of the panto was the opening to the second act. Visually this this was a stunning use of red and black and certainly got the audiences attention. Although once noticed, the slime dump tank was fairly predictable, nevertheless, it was great fun and a new twist. Also, the dragon’s head was a great idea, the perfect size and very unexpected. It needed to be seen and it certainly was.

Under the very competent baton of Andrew Hardy and his 4-piece band, music was well chosen, modern and not overly long. Every song chosen was well within the range of the cast and I could hear the audience joining in at times. My standout piece was “I Was Born This Way”.

The chorus worked hard throughout with clear vocals and excellent choreography. Some tricky dance steps at times but you did it. Great.

Congratulations to all involved, John and I enjoyed the afternoon.

Thank you once again for your generous hospitality.

Vicki Avery Rep’ District 9.









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