SH*T TRAIN by Rachel Carnes


All aboard the Job from Hell!







production — Fitzroy House, Sussex, U.K., 2018

production — Funhouse Anthology, Seattle, WA, 2018

production — Cast Iron Theatre, Brighton, U.K., 2018

production — Founding Fall Theatre, London, U.K., 2019



27 Jun. 2020

 SH*T TRAIN was a semifinalist for our IMPOSSIBLE FEST 2020.

Laser-fast paced and biting, SH*T TRAIN will send your head spinning with its quick and stunning assessment of the working world. You’ll not know whether to laugh or scream the whole way through, and the dialogue is almost Pinteresque – you’d call it absurd if it didn’t ring so true.

With several moments of impossibility to mine, SH*T TRAIN will provide any company an exciting and hilarious production. 

23 Jun. 2020

 A funny, fast-paced, and too true slice of everyday working life. This play is a perfect addition to any night of 10 minutes or just something to act out when you can’t stand your boss anymore. 

25 Apr. 2020

 Sh*t Train is hilarious as it rips down the tracks. Its funny, biting, and uniquely absurd dialogue reminds us of those bosses we’d like to forget. The pacing and characters lend themselves to the artist and would be a delight for any actor to bring to life.

2 Nov. 2019
 It’s like Rachael was taking dictation at my last job! Absolutely hilarious and terrifyingly true to the bad boss experience. 


Approximately  20 minutes



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