SHAKESPEARE’S WOMEN by Jonathan Edgington


Shakespeare’s Women is a 10 minute comedy with a cast of four. It was one of the winning plays (under its original title “Herbie”) in the Chesil Theatre’s 2012 10×10 RSC Open Stages based play writing competition where it premiered on 18 February 2012. Best-selling author, acknowledged world authority on Shakespeare and totally irresistible to women, Herbie has the world at his feet.  Will three mysterious late night visitors change all this? As well as being an hilarious comedy, SHAKESPEARE’S WOMEN also solves the mystery of Shakespeare‘s “missing” play!



M1 F3

HERBIE:   Male, late 30’s/early 40’s

URSULA:  Female, any age

GLENDA:  Female, any age

MEDEA:  Female, any age



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