SEX MAGICK by Natasha Zierhofer


A comedy written by Natasha Zierhofer. Amelia has terrible luck with all love matters while her best friend and flatmate Jo has all men falling for her instantly. Obsessed with her childhood crush Julian, she decides to visit Luna, an unconventional spiritual healer, who helps turn her life around – with the help of some “harmless” Sex Magick. The play has strong visual comedy, grotesque and clowning elements, as well as black magic, sexual healing, satanic and indigenous rituals and cross-dressing, as Amelia goes all out in the pursuit of love.



Amelia: Female, 24 years old

Jo: Female, 28 years old

Amelia’s Exes: Can be played by the same actors who play Jo, Julian and Luna.

Luna/Equador: Played by the same actor. Any gender, 40 years old.

Julian: Male, 29 years old

Amelia’s Dad: Played by the same actor who plays Julian, in an old man costume.



SEX MAGICK has been performed twice at the Barons Court Theatre – London:
15-20th October 2018
11-29th June 2019

★★★★”I left wanting more” LGBTQ Arts

★★★★★ “It has wit, pathos, charm, knockabout physical clowning, excruciatingly funny sight gags and some killer dialogue” The Horror Hothouse
★★★★”This play is mental!” Live London Post
★★★★★ “Superbly written and with strong visual elements and gags” Kate Elkin, Audience review
★★★★★ “You will spend 90 minutes laughing” Alessandro Podda, Audience review
★★★★★ “Amazingly funny exploration of dating” Fiona Yong, Audience review


APPROX. 90 minutes


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