SECOND SHEPHERD’S PLAY by Geraldine Gavigan


Seond Shepherd’s Play has elements of a nativity play. It includes shepherds,star, angel, birth in a manger, fulfillment of prophecies, Mary mother of God, sheep and Muslim doctor. It is a story told by the three shepherds and Mak and Gyll, who relate the events leading up to the three shepherds visiting Bethlehem. It includes a killing, a relationship between Mak and Gyll after passion has gone. The shepherds tell their story to an audience they believe to be better than themselves, and start by justifying their actions. Injustice is everywhere, why should we concern ourselves with justice.



Pastor 1 Coll: An older man 40 years +

Pastor 11 Gyb: An older man 40 years +

Pastor 111 Daw: A younger man under 35 years

Mak: A man of about 70 years

Gill: Mak’s wife

Virgin Mary: A teenager

Angel; indeterminate age can be male or female.

Muslim Doctor

Sheep –  fake or small person dressed up as a sheep.



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