SCROOGE – THE PANTOMIME by Andrew Winfield


As Christmas approaches, Mr Scrooge is in anything but a festive mood. But this will be a Christmas he will never forget as he is visited by various eccentric ghosts who urge him to show some cheer! Meanwhile his housekeeper, Dame Dottie Dilber is busy trying to prepare dinner in spite of her daft son Jonny! It’s all a typical Christmas of rushing about buying food and singing carols – but at the heart of the show is a story of good triumphing over all that is nasty!

Will the Cratchits get their proper Christmas Dinner? Will Scrooge ever stop saying ‘Humbug’? Which will be the scariest Ghost? And where is Tiny Tim?

All these questions and many others will be answered in this wonderful entertainment for all the family!

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MRS DOTTIE DILBER – (Dame) Housekeeper to Scrooge. – (Male 30+)
JONNY DILBER – (Link man) Mrs Dilber’s mischievous teenage son – (Male 12-18)
EBENEZER SCROOGE – (Baddie) A miser – the villain who reforms. (Male – 30+)
FRED – (Principle Boy) Scrooge’s ‘young and attractive’ nephew (Male 18+)
GLADYS – (Principle Girl) Fred’s attractive young girlfriend (Female 18-30)
BOB CRATCHIT – Scrooge’s put-upon office clerk (Male 25-40)
PATSY CRATCHIT – Bob Cratchit’s wife (Female 25-40)
CHARDONNAY – A Cratchit Child (Female 8-15)
WAYNE – A Cratchit Child (Male 8-15)
JORDAN – A Cratchit Child (Male 8-15)
CINDY – A Cratchit Child (Female 8-15)
TINY TIM – A Cratchit Child (Male 6-12) – NB This is a very small part
MR TIX – (Comedy Duo) A charity fundraiser (Male 20-60+)
MR SCALEY – (Comedy Duo) Another charity fundraiser (Male 20 -60
MARLEY’S GHOST – Camp character – (Male – 30 – 60+)
THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST – Puppet – (Female 20 – 40)
THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT – Larger than life and jolly (Male 25 – 60+)
MRS LUPIN – A local shopkeeper and cook and busybody (Female 25 – 60+)
MR FEZZIWIG – A jolly businessman (Male 40+) Small part
MRS FEZZIWIG – Mr Fezziwig’s wife (Female 40+) Small part
YOUNG SCROOGE – Scrooge as a young man (Male 18-30) Small part
V YOUNG SCROOGE – Scrooge as a boy (Male 8-12) Small part
DICK WILKINS – Friend of Young Scrooge (Male 18-30) Small part
MR WEGG – Londoner & Busybody (Male 20+)
MR BARNACLE – Londoner & Busybody (Male 20+)
MR GUPPY – Londoner & Busybody (Male 20+)
MISS TOODLE – Londoner & Busybody (Female 20+)
MRS POCKET – Londoner & Busybody (Female 20+)
HERBERT – Mrs Pocket’s cry baby son (Male 8-15)
CAROL SINGERS – 4 of them (Male & Female – 16+)
LITTLE MICE – 4+ of them (Male & Female 9+) Good dancers required
‘GOOSE’ BOY – young cocky lad (Male 10-15) Small part
‘TINY TIM’ – 3 spare Tiny Tim’s (Male 20+) Must all be above average height
A TEACHER – V Young Scrooge’s school teacher (Female 30+) Small part
LITTLE DORRIT – V Young Scrooge’s first love (Female 8-12) Small part
Assorted folk of London Town, Ghosts etc


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