SAVING STAN by Gary Morgenstein


In “Saving Stan”, Stan Nagel, a rich 60ish lawyer, suffers a stroke and can’t talk. His best friend Jack Sanders, a 60ish failed writer, somehow hears him and believes Stan is asking for help to commit suicide in exchange for getting his estate. The third character, 40-something lonely Patrice Doner, the live-in health care aide, grows suspicious of Jack’s intentions while falling in love with Stan, with whom only she can dance. Who will Save Stan?



Stan Nagel, 60s (M) successful corporate lawyer confined to wheelchair;

Patrice Doner, 50s (F), lonely live-in health care worker;

Jack Sanders, 60s (M), failed desperate playwright



August 2017, 3 performances at the Broadway Bound Festival, New York, NY

Director: Simcha Borenstein

Cast: Carlo Fiorletta (Stan Nagel), Jordan Auslander (Jack Sanders), Olivia Baseman (Patrice Doner))


November 2017, reading at The Dramatists Guild, New York, NY

Director: Erich Rausch

Cast: Ron Millkie (Stan), Damen Corrado (Jack), Toni Stanton (Patrice)


October 2020, Zoom presentation during Ego Actus Survival is Insufficient reading series

Director: Joan Kane

Cast: Frances McGarry (Patrice), Carlo Fiorletta (Stan), J. Dolan Byrnes (Jack)



Approximately 75 minutes



Preview available here

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