Adrian Taylor is a stationary salesman. Having been in the game for many years Adrian rather like a sailor has a girl in every port. He sells by day and philanders by night. As Adrian returns yet again to Nottingham he attracts a young lady by the name of Stephanie Davies.

As he returns to his grotty hotel room he has Stephanie tow. After the usual display of flirting and chemical attraction they end up in bed together. During her time at the hotel her phone rings a few times and she choses to ignore it.

When Stephanie gets time on her own she checks the messages on the phone. It is her Mother who has been calling her.

Stephanie works in the pub that she met Adrian in and as she left with him a friend found his wallet and called Stephanie’s home to see if she was there with him. Her plan is to catch Stephanie and return the wallet. She tells Stephanie’s mum to tell her about the man she left with and the wallet left in the pub. Stephanie’s mum asks the girl to take the wallet round to her house and she will give it to Stephanie when she returns and she can give it back to the man if she ever sees him again.

Mum has been through the wallet and seen Adrian’s name and realised that many years ago a young salesman passed through town only he had taken Stephanie’s Mum to bed with him in exactly the same circumstances as her daughter all these years later. The Mother is phoning to tell Stephanie exactly who he is and she tries to ensure she doesn’t sleep with him. It’s too late.

Stephanie finally confronts Adrian as she is horrified at what has happened. Adrian has no real excuse and finds it all a bit surreal. However as they discuss what has happened Stephanie hatches a plan. She has decided he must die. So in the final embrace as Stephanie pretends to forgive him she reaches for the bottle off the table and smashes it on Adrian’s head. He dies and she phones the police to report:  “Firstly a rape and oh a murder too.”



Adrian Taylor…..Salesman (45/50)

Stephanie Davis…Girl from pub (25+)



First performed in Shropshire, UK in 2013


Approx 100 minutes – not including interval



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