S.O.S. DOES SHAKESPEARE by Chrissy Evans


It is the last show for director Phil,  as he retires after 50 years, man and boy, in his beloved local amateur dramatic group

One last chance to show the country, indeed the world what he can do.

If only they had the cast, if only they had the costumes, if only Juliet wasn’t pregnant and if only Kevin didn’t prefer musicals…………..

An hilarious new comedy about the vagaries and dangers of producing



Phil: (70ish) Director

Margaret: Actress (50ish) married to:

Mick: Actor (50ish)

Kevin: Actor (20ish)

Isabel: Actress (20ish)

Camilla: Actress (40ish)

John: Actor (30ish)

Linda: Prompt

Ian:Stage manager

Ann: Wardrobe mistress

Paul:  Lights and Sound  (only seen at the end) Can be technical crew.

Mrs.Jackson: Any age: NODA representative.

Please note that, although named in the script, the Shakespeare pieces can be performed by any of the cast, including the “technical crew” and by any sex



Approx 70-80 minutes



Preview available here

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