RUBY BABY by Nicholas Green


Dying in the prime of life, Kate revisits her rural childhood home. There, a childhood sweetheart takes her on a journey of memory that leads through past tragedy back to the promise of life itself. . .

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Adult Kate (mid-30s)

Adult Adam (mid-30s)

Teenage Kate (15)

Child Kate (6)

Teenage Adam (16)

Child Adam (7)

Finbar – Kate and Adam’s father (early-30s, later early-40s)

Sophia – Finbar’s wife and Adam’s mother (early-30s)

Rose – Finbar’s paramour and Kate’s mother (30s, later, as Older Kate, 60s)

Detective Dooley (40s)

Dom (a teenager)

Brunette (a teenager)

A Male Teenager

Two Juvenile Court Officials (middle aged)

Magistrate (mature male voice)

A property development company Security Man (30s)



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