ROMEO & JULIET by John Collings and Peter Nuttall


I have adapted “Romeo & Juliet” into modern day English and added some beautiful songs and set the play with songs amongst the youth gangs of the inner-city. It’s very easy to stage, as I have used minimal props. It comes with guide vocals & backing tracks & sheet music.

Out of respect for Shakespeare, I translated the original book, word for word, into modern day English, not changing the plot, well only slightly editing the story, to keep it simple, helping it flow for modern day audiences. My reason for doing this was I wanted, even the most uneducated person to understand and draw pleasure from the story.

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This script is written for 11 teenagers and 5 adults

Paul (Mr Big, boss of both the Westside Crew & Eastside Crew) a deadly killer.

Martin (adult, boss of the Westside Crew) mean



Ben sensible peacemaker, nice.

Wife (adult, Romeo’s Mother)

Romeo (naive, sensitive, romantic, brave, impetuous, whole-hearted, intense, single-minded, well-regarded, reluctant foot soldier)

Simon (brave, light, gregarious, lively, witty, loyal, daring)

Chris (Adult, Juliet’s father – boss of the Eastside Crew – nasty, tough)

John – nasty, tough.


Tony (Maria‘s cousin – nasty & aggressive)

Mother (Adult, Juliet’s Mother)

Juliet – (sensitive, venerable, resourceful, courageous, innocent.)

Paris (slippery)

Sis – (not clever, crude but kind, talkative, scatter-brained, compassionate, fun-loving, insecure.) 

Priest (Adult -pompous, self-important, dependable but only to a point, unworldly, wise, foolish)




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