ROCKING THE RAJ by Gurmeet Mattu


Rocking The Raj is set in a village in rural India during the 1960s. It is here that Ravi, an engineering student, obsessed with rock and roll music,  lives with his grandfather, Baba, and widowed mother, Ma.

Also present in the village is Smith, a Scots engineer, tasked with building a transistor radio factory on the site of an abandoned and derelict temple.

They are visited by two western hippies, Leo, an English boy and his girlfriend, American, Rainbow. They are appalled that the ancient temple is to be destroyed to accommodate modernity and begin a campaign against it. Unfortunately, in seeking a guru to lead them in their battle, they pick on an unwitting Baba. He tries to disillusion them till he sees the colour of their money.

Cultures clash mightily in this comedic look at the 60s hippie trail and how things might not always be what they seem.

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Ravi   A male Indian student, around 20 years old.

Ma –     Ravi’s mother, around 40.

Baba – Ravi’s grandfather, around 60.

Leo –    A male English hippy in his early 20s.

Rainbow – A female American hippy in her early 20s.

Smith – A Scots engineer, in his 50s.



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