The good people of Nottingham are at their wits end. The evil Sheriff and his dim-witted sidekick, Egbert, have been taxing the citizens mercilessly for his own wicked gain. Despite Robin Hood’s best efforts, “borrowing” from the Rich to give to the Poor, the villagers funds are fast running out and now the owner of the local tavern, Friar Tuck, has been hit with a whacking great tax bill he simply can’t afford.


Following a chance meeting with the beautiful Maid Marion, and her slightly less beautiful hand maiden Nurse Nora, Robin and his band of Merry Men decide to hit the Sheriff where it hurts most; his own bank balance! But was taking on the Sheriff a mistake?


Cue a battle for supremacy between the greatest outlaw and evilest Sherriff that every lived! Will the Sheriff successfully lure Robin into his dastardly trap with the promise of a kiss from the fair Maid Marion? Will Robin evade the Sheriff’s clutches and get his kiss anyway? And will Nurse Nora ever stop flirting with Friar Tuck?

A thrilling, plot driven ride through Nottingham, with jokes a plenty, this pantomime has all the elements of a traditional pantomime (Oh yes it has!). Suitable for a medium cast size.



Robin Hood – Principal boy, leader of the Merry Men

Will Scarlett – A Merry Man, Robin Hood’s best friend

Little John – A Merry Man, clearly not as little as his name suggest

Sheriff of Nottingham – Tyrant, ruling over Nottingham in the King’s absence

Egbert Templeton – Sidekick to the Sheriff

Maid Marion – Daughter of King Richard

Nurse Nora – Maid Marion’s hand maid

Friar Tuck – Man of the cloth and tavern owner


ADULT CHORUS / PRO-DANCERS (x2 females / x2 males)

Alana Dale – A Merry Woman, female guitar playing folk singer

Villagers – Various villagers with small lines

Guards – Supporting the Sheriff and Egbert to keep control

King Richard – King of the land, away on the “Last Crusade”

Crusader – Accompanying King Richard when he returns from the crusade



Much the Miller’s Son – A Merry Man covered in flour, from the West Country

Crusader – Accompanying King Richard when he returns from the crusade

Ghost – Haunting the castle corridor




JUNIOR ENSEMBLE (x1 female / x1 male)

Slingshot Sally – A Merry Girl, supremely talented with a slingshot

Bullseye Bob –  A Merry Boy, a dead accurate aim





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