The good people of Nottingham are at their wits end. The evil Sheriff, left in charge in the absence of King Richard, has been taxing the citizens mercilessly for his own wicked gain. But will anyone stand up to him?

Enter our hero, Robin Hood! Robin, along with his adopted mother Mrs Hood (who grew up “in the hood)’, run the local tavern. A chance meeting with the beautiful Maid Marion, followed by witnessing the Sheriff’s guard’s extracting every last groat from a poor defenceless old couple, leads Robin to determine that he is the one who must stand up to the Sheriff. But he can’t possibly do so no his own!

With the help of his best friend, Will Scarlett, they set out in search of a band of Merry Men willing to join him and finally defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. But will they succeed? Will Robin be able to win the hand of the fair Maid Marion? And will Mrs Hood be able to keep hidden the identity of Robin’s true parents?

A thrilling, plot driven ride through Nottingham, with jokes a plenty, this pantomime has all the elements of a traditional pantomime (Oh yes it has).



Robin Hood – Principal boy

Mrs Hood – Robin’s mum

Will Scarlet – Robin Hood’s best friend

Little John – A Merry man, he is seen as the leader

Much the Miller’s Son – A Merry Man, covered in flour, from the West Country

Friar Tuck – A Merry Man, a religious man who is always drunk

Alana Dale – A Merry “Man”, a female, guitar playing folk singer

Sheriff of Nottingham – Tyrant, ruling over Nottingham in the King’s absence

Guards x2 – Idiot sidekicks to the Sheriff

Maid Marion – Daughter of King Richard.

Lord & Lady Locksley / Old Man and Old Lady – Covert spies working for King Richard

King Richard – King of the land, away on the “Last Crusade”

Mr Carpenter – Local Carpenter

Villager 1/2/3 – Various villagers with small lines

Market Seller 1/2/3 – Various villagers with small lines



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