ROBIN HOOD by Jonathan Edgington


Robin Hood is a two act comedy-drama with a running time of just under two hours which successfully premiered in Winchester in 2016. It’s narrative is driven by three ancient, irascible witches and the plot centres around their desire to obtain the ingredients for a spell which will make them all young again.

Expect the unexpected and lots of laughs in this swashbuckling new version of the much-loved tale!    Twelfth century England. Weary from The Crusades, Robin of Loxley returns to Nottingham intending to marry his childhood sweetheart and claim his family inheritance. Instead he finds a much changed world packed with romance, mystery, intrigue and dastardly deeds in which his archery and sword fighting skills and those of his new comrades, the Merry Men, are regularly put to the test…

This new comedy/drama cleverly combines the traditional elements of the legend with brand new material and characters in an exciting, fun-filled adventure brought to you by the team responsible for the hugely successful Three Musketeers in 2014.



Glenda, an ugly old witch, sister to Ursula and Medea

Medea, an ugly old witch, sister to Ursula and Glenda

Ursula, an ugly old witch, sister to Glenda and Medea

Robin Hood

Lady Gertrude, Maid Marian’s Mother

Maid Marian

Bess, Lady Gertrude/Maid Marian’s Servant.

Little John

Much the Miller’s Son

Allan A Dale

Friar Tuck

Sheriff of Nottingham

Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Villager 1

Will Scarlett

The Abbott of St. Mary’s

Servant, a servant to the Sheriff

The Bishop of Hereford

Gilbert with the White Hand, an outlaw

“Dangerous” David of Doncaster, an outlaw

The Wizard of Warwick

The Prioress of Kirklees

Soldier 1

Soldier 2

Soldier 3

Soldier 4

Young Ursula, Ursula the witch transformed into a beautiful young woman

Villager 2

Gilbert’s Wife

Dangerous’s Wife

King Richard

Hangman  (non-speaking)

Outlaws, Villagers/Maypole Dancers, Soldiers (non-speaking for crowd scenes)



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