REMEMBERED by John Mabey


Walls are diaries and rooms have desires. In the buying and selling of a house, two people discover what’s truly at stake and the power of finding love through loss.



Doris – Female, 61

Peter – Male, 24



2019 Binghamton, NY – KNOW Theatre
Awarded ‘Best of Festival 2019’

2020 Geneva, NY – Geneva Theatre Guild



“What a lovely depiction of an unlikely spark of connection. Two people of different generations, different life experience, and different roles bond over surviving losses and the meaning of the memories that permeate an old house. This is a work of great subtlety and gentle surprises that would be a delight to see in performance.” – Paul Donnelly (Dramatists Guild Ambassador)

“I was impressed, first that it’s an inter-generational play in which the relationship is not the usual quasi-parent-child one, but simply that of two adults of different ages and life experiences. That’s rare by itself, but the skillfulness and delicacy of the dialogue makes it even more so. It’s the sort of play that you want to read after you see it, and are well rewarded for doing so. The image of the murmur of the wind in the loose windows being the sound of the house dreaming will stay with me.”
– James McLindon (Playwright)



10-15 minutes



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