RELATIONSHIPS by Rachael Carnes


This collection of popular and oft-produced comic short plays explores the dynamics of love in relationships on the rocks — from break-ups, to stalemates to rekindled affections — with roles for actors 20-80, and one sock monkey.

INERTIA – A farcical break-up play, inspired by Chekhov, starring a sock monkey, Minky. Really! – 1 Male, 1 Gender Neutral – 10 mins

COMPLIMENTARY WI-FI – A couple assesses their relationship on their 10th anniversary. – 3 Actors, 1 Voiceover – 10 mins

CRABS (DOT)COM – Marty helps Cheryl rethink her choices. 1 Female, 1 Gender Neutral – 10 mins

CORNUCOPIA – A quiet evening at home, on the eve of Thanksgiving. – 2 Actors – 10 mins

THE APPOINTMENT – ZAC and DEB seek some support for their long-term relationship. – 1 Male, 1 Female – 10 mins

THE INVENTION OF PICKLE BALL – An invitation to a naked wedding might be just the spark this couple needs. – 1 Male, 1 Female – 10 mins



14 Characters over the 6 plays – doubling possible – age range 20-80



“We produced this as part of our festival in 2019, it was a definite audience favorite. So much can be done with Minky (she even came to our cast party after). The twists and turns in this comedy slide naturally from soft and personal to over the top and hilarious. Doing more Minky plays is definitely on our vision board!” – Seoul Players, Seoul, South Korea


“If you’ve ever been terrorized by a minibar in a luxury hotel or wondered about the cleanliness of those pillows, this is your play. The play seems simple: an anniversary night in a luxury hotel. Do you whoop it up for all its worth trying out every so-called freebie (complimentary wifi, plush robe, body pillows)? You know this couple. You know they’ve been together for many years. Their intimacies, frustrations and declarations as they jumped subjects and emotions were a treat. You have to love the ending with the goldfish. Read it. Produce it.”  – Claudia Haas


“I have had the good fortune to see crabs(dot)com three times when it shared the bill with one of my plays in Manchester, England. I love the originality of this piece and the humor. Ms. Carnes takes a familiar tale of retribution against an ex and makes it fresh, funny, and compelling. I am a fan after seeing this play. Ms. Carnes’ work is being produced everywhere and it easily apparent why: she is that good! You’ll be itching- and laughing – for a long time after you see this play.” – Arianna Rose, New Play Exchange  


“Breathtakingly funny play about An Incident that occurs on Thanksgiving Eve. To say more about what happens would be a spoiler and this play deserves to surprise its audience. I will say that it does confront the ancient yet undying cultural divide over what is and is not “dressing.” A must for any holiday play festival or really anytime you need a good comedy in your evening of plays.”
Also, the characters can be played by any two adults. The potential combinations are dazzling!” 
– Scott Sickles, New Play Exchange  


“Carnes offers a scorching psychological examination of a couple in disarray as they wait for their therapy appointment. We definitely see why this is a relationship in crisis, but we also see why Zac and Deb are a good pair. Carnes perfectly captures so many of the reasons why adulting, and romance while adulting, are hard, from missing Early Bird registration to always being out of milk and bananas to the slippery slope that is deciding on an emergency contact number to put down on paperwork. So much paperwork. A fun outing, peppered with so many uneasy, nodding truths.” -Matthew Weaver, New Play Exchange  


“The wit and humor of Carnes is on full display in this most delightful of plays. And who could resist a play with Pickle Ball in the title that’s about a clothing-optional wedding? What I love most about Carnes’s writing is that it’s so natural and you feel that you could have this very conversation with your partner or lover or husband or wife. And why should any of us ever give up on that magic of love no matter what age. A sharp play for older actors which show them as still evolving humans in this crazy world.” – Lee Lawing, New Play Exchange  



INERTIA was first produced at the Weathervane Playhouse in Akron, Ohio, Brian Westerly directing. It’s since been performed on five continents. Viva Minky.


COMPLIMENTARY WI-FI was first produced at Oregon Contemporary Theatre in Eugene, OR, Kari Bolden Welch directing.


CRABS(DOT)COM was first produced at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, Zara Chowdhary directing.


CORNUCOPIA was first produced by Oregon Contemporary Theatre in Eugene, OR, Inga R. Wilson directing.


THE APPOINTMENT was first produced by the Players Theatre in Duluth, MN, Robert Lee directing.


THE INVENTION OF PICKLE BALL was first produced by the Eden Prairie Players, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, David Durkee directing.




Each play runs approximately 10 minutes


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