The Chicago Tribune’s Madame X, society doyenne Caroline Kirkland (1865-1930) declared Robert Allerton (1873 – 1964) Chicago’s most
eligible bachelor in 1906.  His personal relationship with Caroline Kirkland, and his intimate relationship with John Wyatt Gregg Allerton (1899-1986), his longtime companion, adopted-as-an- adult son, are best imagined by inventing what their correspondence might have been. Bridging two centuries, what words might have passed between these three brightly shining stars that shaped the course of art, landscape architecture, the future of celebrity journalism and LGBTQ issues that were only imagined in the early 20th century.

An epistolary intrigue of historical truth and fiction for two men and one woman and very suitable for presentation on ZOOM.



Robert Henry Allerton/ Bob/ Bobby/ Father – reads actual & imagined letters to Caroline Kirkland, Madame X, John Gregg & Roger Quilter

Madame X/ Caroline Kirkland/ Aunt Carrie – reads her imagined correspondence to Robert Allerton and actual news stories about him

John/ John Wyatt Gregg/ John G./ Johnny G./ Son – reads imagined correspondence to Robert Allerton & Caroline Kirkland/Aunt Carrie



Vermont Studio Center – Development Residency – December 2018

Vermont Studio Center – readings – Redmill DiningRoom Presentation Series –

November 28, 2018 and December 18, 2018 with Mary Clark as Madame X/Caroline Kirkland and ptmc as Robert Allerton & John Gregg

December 27, 2018 Complete Reading – #WaukeshaCivicTheatre, WIS with Sharon Sohner as MadameX, Tom Briggs as JohnGregg, & ptmc as RobertAllerton running time 91 minutes

December 30, 2018 Complete Reading – EastPointCommons, Milwaukee, WIS with Donna Lobacz as #MadameX, Don Lobacz as #JohnGregg, & ptmc as #RobertAllerton – running time 93 minutes

March 31, 2019 Complete Reading – TheatreLab, NYC, NY with Mary O’Brady as Madame X, Terry Caza as Robert Allerton & Drew Bolander as John Wyatt Gregg – running time 87 minutes

July 13, 2019 Complete Staged Reading – Grounded Goodwife, Woodbury, CT with Sheri Bresson as Madame X, Miles Everett as Robert Allerton & Sam Bass as John Wyatt Gregg

July 16, 2019 Complete Staged Reading – ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival @ The Wild Project, NYC with Anna Cody as Madame X, Jordan Tierney as John Gregg & ptmc as Robert Allerton

August 2, 2019 Table Read – Sylvan Lake Arts Center, Barronette, WIS with Jon Skaalen as Robert Allerton, Patina Mac as Madame X, and Patrick Thomas McCarthy as John Gregg

Sept 24, 2019 Staged Reading – Shetler Studios, W. 54th St, NYC with Terry Caza as Robert Allerton & Mary O’Brady as Madame X & Drew Bolander as John Gregg

Oct 7th to 21st, 2019 AEA approved Showcase – FringeNYC BYOV at CHAIN Studio Theatre – 312 W. 36th St, 4th Floor, NYC with Anna Cody as Caroline Kirkland/Madame X, Rik Walter as Robert Allerton and Jordan Tierney as John Gregg. Directed by Patrick Aran

May 24, 2020 – ZOOM reading on FaceBook LIVE with Mary O’Brady as Madame X, Terry Caza as Robert Allerton and Drew Bolander as John Gregg



Please read reviews here –

I love mixing fiction with historical characters, and McCarthy’s epistolary play is a wonderful romp, imagining what words might have been passed between three of Chicago’s elite, circa the turn of the last century. With its simple staging requirements, its three actors are free to have a field day with vocal pyrotechnics. Good, bitchy fun”. – DOUG DeVITA – New Play Exchange



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Approximately 90 minutes without interval



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