RAPUNZEL by Jack Northcott


Rapunzel is imprisoned within a tower in the freaky forest by the evil Fairy Dreadlock. Her only chance of rescue is by the hapless duo Silly Slappy and Brainless Bob entrusted with the quest by King Bowldilocks and Queen Curly. Luckily for her Flynn turns up and aided by his mother, the royal hairdresser, Penny Perm and Fairy Hair-Do they set off to rescue Rapunzel. Will Flynn win the day and Rapunzel’s hand in marriage, or will Fairy Dreadlock succeed in her plot to ruin royal happiness.

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Princess Rapunzel – Principal Girl, Stuck in a tower
Flynn Perm – Principal Boy, Penny Perm’s Son
Dame Penny Perm – Dame, Owner of ‘Blow & Go’, the royal hair salon
Silly Slappy – Comic (M)
Brainless Bob – Comic (F)
Queen Curly – Queen of Blondon
King Bowldilocks – King of Blondon
Fairy Hair-Do – Clever and feisty
Fairy Dreadlock – Dark and nasty
Ghost – Creepy forest ghoul
Dragon – Bewitched by Fairy Dreadlock (Mostly)
Britney Spurs – Flynn’s horse and loyal companion
Chorus of Royal Courtiers, Citizens of Blondon and Forest Sprites
Junior chorus of forest animals

As always in Pantomime, genders are ambiguous and this is no exception. Particularly Flynn, Hair-Do, Dreadlock, Silly Slappy and Bob could be played by either a male or female but the gender of their characters must remain the same. Penny Perm must be clearly the Dame.



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