PUNK AS FUCK! by Michael K White & Dianna Stark


The play is a band rehearsal that goes in and out of time, slowly unfolding into a roller coaster ride through people’s deepest secrets and longings. The characters are five confused dorks playing with a time bomb until it goes off. We want to assure you, though, that this is not a nice love story, because love isn’t nice. It gets all over everything, and someone is left having to vacuum it up. Please note that this play also features several vacuum references, so we feel that the vacuum analogy is apt. We also wish to point out that the title will look fucking great on flyers and posters.



CASSANDRA – Drummer.

Constantly changing is a big part of who she is. She changes her mind a lot. Staying with something and seeing it through to the end is not her strong suit.
Works at KFC where she wears an unflattering bright red polyester uniform.
CAGE is her stupid boyfriend.

CAGE (DEWAYNE) – Guitar.

Generous and warmhearted. Broad-minded and expansive. Pompous and patronizing. Bossy and interfering. Dogmatic and intolerant.
Washes dishes for two hours a day at a Chinese restaurant..
Still clinging to the hair bands, and their look.

A True Believer at the cusp of the cliff, oblivious to his fate.

SIMON – Singer/guitar

A passionate individual with a magnetic personality. A clarity of thought and expression. Clever and courageous. Can be resentful and obsessive.
Smart. Writes the songs with CAGE.

Pudgy, mediocre singer. Oddly charismatic. Crushes on CASSANDRA.

LEE – Bass.

His obstinate nature can be troublesome at times. Some people view LEE as lazy because it may be hard to get him moving, but in truth, he reserves his energy for projects he wants to do. Underneath the patient surface lies in wait a personality that does not like to be challenged.
New to the band. Joined from a flyer he saw at Safeway.

Wears Pantera shirts before they’re fashionable. Has a Winnie the Pooh tattoo.


Self-willed. She may be seen as short-tempered. She is clever and confident. On some occasions she will act impatiently. Her impulsiveness and quick temper can be her potential enemies. Totally efficient in every endeavor, DAISY does not tolerate failure.
Heavily Pregnant; lives with Lee. Likes the sound of her own voice.



Produced in June 2015 By everyday Inferno Theatre Company, New York, NY



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Approximately 90 minutes



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