A new, different and interesting pantomime set in a small Jewish town in Russia. Princess Petruska, daughter of the Czar, is pursued by Bolsheviks, who are intent on killing her and all the members of the Royal Family. She escapes the attack on her coach in a wood and reaches a small Jewish town where the Dame, owner of the inn, and her son Nickolai, protect her and hide her by dressing her up as a servant girl at the inn. There she finds peace and security in the arms of Nickolai. A sort of Cinderella in reverse. 10M 7F plus junior and senior dancers and chorus. 2 main sets + 5 front of tabs scenes.

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IVAN THE TERRIBLE                 He is the nasty out to kill the Princess

DMITRI                                            One of his Guards

BORIS                                              One of his Guards

MORDCHA                                      A Jewish Butcher

HODEL                                             His daughter

MAYOR                                            Jewish Mayor of Rostokova

AVRAM                                            The Mayor’s son

ANASTASIA PUSHOFF                 The Dame and Proprietor of inn

NICKOLAI                                       Dame’s eldest son, Principal boy

MIKHAIL                                         Dame’s youngest son

NAINA                                               Mikhail’s girlfriend

PRINCESS PETRUSKA                 Daughter of the Czar and Principal girl

COUNT VIRTOR VRONSKY        Envoy to the Czar

TATYANA                                          An old soothsayer

CONSTABLE                                     A buxom Russian Police Woman

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY                     Fairy guardian of the wood

THE CZAR                                         The Czar of Russia, father of Princess

THE CZARINA                                  Empress of Russia

Chorus as:- Rabbi, Soldiers, Townspeople, Fairies, Dancers.



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