PRIDE RIVER CROSSING by Patrick Thomas McCarthy


Anchored in the heartland, PRIDE RIVER CROSSING channels Edgar Lee Masters’ SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY’s otherwordly voices to comment on contemporary LGBTQ life in America, featuring 49 characters, 40 interconnecting monologues, and 13 connecting scenes. It is ideal for ZOOM presentations.




ONE – male adult plays: Doc Hill, Leviticus Johnson, Dad Kenny Kelly-Kennedy, Old Man 1, Mickey, Ray Dare, Groom Bob, Doc Hill, Harold Potter, Attorney Dewey Cheatam 

TWO – female adult plays: Rachel, Dr. Singer, Secret Rapture, Mrs. McMahon, Dance Teacher, Bride Carol, Hope, Ms. Sherman, the Judge 

THREE – male adult plays: Mr. Drama, Dom Dippold, Dad Kevin Kelly-Kennedy, Old Man 2, Policeman Ron, Groom Ted, The Mortician, Frankie

FOUR – female adult plays: Mitzi Reid, Secret Rapture, Marion, Anna [pronounced Ahna] Dare, Delores, Bride Alice, PFLAG mom/Mrs. Merry Bauxbaum, Mimi Winston Stanley, Delores

FIVE – male young adult plays: Trevor, Kyle Kelly-Kennedy, Perry, Spike, Style, Father Bobby, David Drummer/The Dreamer, Cam, Jimmy, John Winston Stanley/Johnnie 

SIX – female young adult plays: Keira Kelly-Kennedy, Hadley, Angela Ann McMahon, Pas de Chat, Pastor Rhonda Younger, Cammy, Court Reporter



July 17-24, 2012 ALL OUT ARTs’ Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC

AWARDS: Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Acting, Outstanding Achievemnent in Playwrighting 2012 ALL OUT ARTS Fresh Fruit Festival


May 27 2021 – Zoom Presentation by Warehouse of Theater




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Approx 95-115 minutes



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