It’s 1982 and in a small fishing community off the coast of Maine young Teal Murphy has a secret he keeps locked away. He confides in the kindly, old sea captain that he has been crewing for since he was little. Aboard the good ship Poseidon’s Gate secrets are revealed and emotions run high as Teal struggles to take his friend’s advice and end the nightmare he’s living once for all. But will he have the strength to do what needs to be done, and how will he cope with the devastating consequences?



Teal Murphy – A twelve year old boy, living in a small coastal community in Maine. He’s worked on board the lobster boat: Poseidon’s Gate since he was nine. Sweet and endearing.

Capt. Griggs MacSorley – Old-fashioned, Scottish, Lobsterman. Owns the boat, and lets Teal help him out on an almost daily basis. He has trained Teal in the last few years to be a true sailor. Gruff exterior masks a heart of gold.

Hennesy “Hen” McCarron – Now an oceanographer, is the nephew of Griggs, and once occupied Teal’s “First Mate” position on the boat when he was a youngster. Brash, funny, intelligent, though a bit unsure of himself at times.

Autumn Murphy Keaton – Mother of Teal, friend to Griggs and Hen. She is a recently remarried mother of two, Teal has a younger sister, and is in her third trimester with the child of her new husband. Caring but practical.



It is 1982 and young Teal Murphy faces a heart wrenching dilemma. He confides in his friend and mentor old, sea dog Capt. Griggs McSorley. Teal had been crewing for Capt. Griggs aboard the good ship Poseidon’s Gate for years, and has earned the old man’s respect. Teal has helped fill the hole in Griggs heart that had been there since his wife passed away and his nephew, Hen, who was like a son to Griggs had grown up and moved away. Prefacing what he tells Griggs with a promise of absolute confidentiality, Teal reveals to Griggs that his new step-father, Connor, is not the nice guy he appears to be and that he has been abusing since before Connor married his Mom, Autumn. Griggs is taken aback and advises Teal that he must tell Autumn and that he can’t let him return home to continue being abused now that he knows about it. With Connor out of town, Teal asks for time to tell Autumn in his own way, begrudgingly Griggs agrees. Pregnant with Connor’s child, Autumn can sense something is wrong with Teal and presses Griggs for answers that old man admits he knows but can’t reveal. With Connor returning early from his business trip Griggs gives Teal an ultimatum about revealing the truth to Autumn. When Autumn can’t bring herself to believe the facts about Connor, she makes a choice that has devastating results for all concerned.



Poseidon’s Gate was given its first public reading in May of 2004 as part of the Country Playhouse of Houston, Texas New Play Reading Series.

Next it was a Top 6 Finalists at the Dayton Playhouse’s Future Fest and given another staged reading in June of 2005.

Then finally in 2007 I cut down a 45 minute one act version of the play for Edmond North High School of Edmond Oklahoma to help friends connected to their Drama department and it was given a full production complete with a huge ship that opened up to convert into the set. The production swept their Oklahoma Thespian Festival’s Regional Competition Winning Best Production, Best Actor (Griggs) Best Actress (Autumn) and Best Supporting Actor (Teal). It went on to the State Championship where it won Best Set Design.



APPROXIMATELY  1 hour and 20 minutes without interval



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