PLONK! by Colin Barrow


This comedic murder mystery play is set in the sitting room of Worth Farm and Vineyard farmhouse. Heather Watson hatches a plan that in her final handful of years of life she will have a little fun promising various people sole beneficiary of the farm and vineyard for a reduction in wages. Each person involved is sworn to secrecy not to mention this arrangement to anyone else. Embroiled into this scheme are Mr. and Mrs. Daniels who own the neighbouring farm and are now renting land from Heather Watson with beneficial conditions to inherit Worth Farm on the death of Heather, and also sworn to secrecy of the arrangement. One evening when all five are invited to a gathering, Heather Watson is murdered by one of them in her bedroom to inherit the farm and vineyard. It soon becomes apparent that they have all been given the same false promise of inheritance, as in reality they each only receive a letter with thanks and two cases of wine. Detective Harman has the job to try and unravel the clues which leads to the murderer. Whilst the story unfolds, revelations of a secret romance are discovered along with the true identity of the beneficiary of Worth Farm and Vineyard and the murderer. All of which deliverers the audience with unexpected twists and turns and laughter!


With a cast of seven, (two male, four female and one either) set in the present day, this comedy murder mystery is ideal for so many performing groups and venue types or restricted acting spaces

This play has the unique feature where it can be run as a normal stage production of its type. Or it can be produced as a murder mystery night by using the attached questionnaire (in the back of the script) to be completed by teams during the interval. Either way, the production runs exactly the same. Lighting is simple as are sound effects. The play can be performed by using the basic furnishing requirements of the play, or a full traditional box set, or any compromises between the two. Whichever staging method is used, the use of additional set dressing is flexible and accordance to space available.



Heather Watson

Jill Mason

Russell Goodman

Maxine Jackson

Richard Daniels

Lynne Daniels

Detective Harman



1 HOUR 50 MINUTES – not including interval



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