PINOCCHIO – THE PANTO by Dan Smith & Claire Hughes


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who is brought to life by the vivacious Fairy Nuff. He must be on his best behavior if he wants to be a real boy and he almost escape the clutches of the evil circus master, Stromboli.



PINOCCHIO – (Male/female) A wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy but likes to misbehave.

JIMINY CRICKET – (Male/female) Audience participation. Jiminy is Pinocchio’s ‘conscience’ and best friend. He knows all the dodgy people down the docks.

FAIRY NUFF – (Dame) A larger than life fairy godmother who isn’t all that good at magic.

STROMBOLI – (Male) Evil ringmaster, and owner of Pleasure Circ du Silly, who kidnaps Pinocchio.

GEPETTO – (Male) A lonely, old carpenter who creates Pinocchio so he has someone to love.

JOHN FOX – (Male/female) A clever crook who works for Stromboli.

MAX CAT – (Male/female) Honest John’s side-kick who is very often confused.

HAG​ – Circus worker

WOODMAN – A market seller

BUTCHER – A market seller

CHORUS – Townspeople, circus performers



Approximately 2 hours



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