PEARL by Sonhara J Eastman


PEARL is set in North Carolina at the start of the twentieth century when a young bi-racial woman realizes both her sex and race are against her as she tries to save the land left to her mother by the white father she’s never met.



PEARL PULLEY, 23, a bi-racial (black and white) woman. Very light in complexion, nearly passing for White. She resides in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

CHARLES PULLEY, 22, an African-American farm worker and Pearl’s brother. Dark in complexion, residing in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

LUCIE MAE PULLEY, 18, an African-American house worker and Pearl’s sister. Dark in complexion, residing in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

MARGARET HASKINS, 40, an African-American teacher and Aunt to Pearl, Charles and Lucie Mae. She resides in the Mecca of Black resurgence, Harlem, New York.

JOHNNY WATERS, 51, a Caucasian Professor at Wake Forest University
Law School. He was born into a well off family of slave owners and married into educational prestige. He resides in Franklinton, North Carolina.

WILLIAM THOMAS, 22, an African-American college student in love with Pearl. He attends Winston Salem State University.

DOTTIE BANKS, 21, an African-American woman and love interest to Charles.



Workshop – 7 Stages/Self-Produced, 2015

Workshop – NYU, Black History Month, 2016

Reading – Classical Theater of Harlem/Playwrights Playground, 2016

Reading – La MaMa Theater, 2017




Approximately 80 minutes



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