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In the little village of Lower Hamlet, the cast are gathering at St. Godolph’s Church Hall for their annual play. It’s Lionel Bart’s “Oliver!”.

All had seemed to be well as opening night approached but, sadly, at the very last moment, the actor playing Fagin had unfortunately passed away from ‘old-age’.

The producer had, at once, alerted all amateur and dramatic companies in the vicinity and the search for a new Fagin had begun.

Andrew Hedges had spent a pleasant morning arranging decades of notes on his latest Steam Railway Accompaniment into various piles, when the bell on the telephone apparatus started to ring. Andrew was not the type who ever thought twice and lifted the receiver.

          ‘Hallo?’ he began.

          ‘Andrew? Andrew Hedges? Oh, praise be! You’re there. Listen…’

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Andrew Hedges – Railway enthusiast. Actor. Walks with a stick. Fagin

Howard Benson – Playing Toby Crackit (Gang Member) in this. 

Roger Bearley – Producer & Director

Pauline Kent – Secretary to the Players & Bet

Josephine Rothman –  Stalwart of the Players. Mrs. Corney (Matron)

Bridgette Lambert – Everyone’s favourite. Nancy

Colin Butler – Call-Boy & Prompt

Barney Carlton – Old hand. Bill Sykes & The Beadle

The Vicar – And Stage Manager & Bar-keep

Duff & Blathers – Delivery men

A Police Officer is required.



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