THE LITTLE MERMAID by Samantha Cartwright * Emma Houldershaw


A traditional Pantomime based on the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The story follows the journey of a young mermaid who gives up her life in the sea to become a human and find true love. This hilarious script has all the traditional Pantomime characters whilst being modern and current.



ARIELLE:                 The Principal girl, a mermaid princess, naïve, innocent, but will stand up for herself (F)

King TRIDENT            Her father, King of the ocean, very powerful, dominant figure but would do anything for his daughters (M)

SEAWITCH                The baddie, loud, brassy, evil (F)

SUGAR:                      An unfortunate soul, works for the sea witch, tatty, haggard, bit dumb, thinks she is beautiful, evil by force (F)

SPICE:                        Same as SUGAR but slightly more intelligent (F)

GUPPY:                      A young fish, friend of ARIELLE, very innocent and childlike (M/F)

CARLTON:                 A crab, works for King TRIDENT, very sarcastic, speaks with a west Indies accent, hard shell, soft centre (M/F)

DAZ:                            Daughter of TRIDENT, tomboy (F)

BOLD:                         Daughter of TRIDENT, spoilt (F)

LENOR:                       Daughter of TRIDENT, vain (F)

PERSIL:                      Daughter of TRIDENT, nerdy (F)

FAIRY:                        Daughter of TRIDENT, shy (F)

SURF:                         Daughter of TRIDENT, grumpy (F)

NANNY:                      The Dame, Prince RICK’s housekeeper, motherly (M)

Prince RICK:               Principal boy, suave, cheesey, corny, typical over the top Prince/hero, knows he’s good-looking, M/F)

SKITTLE:                    A scatty seagull, blundering buffoon, not very clever but thinks he knows everything, link with the audience (M/F)

Pretty SEAWITCH      SEAWITCH but when she transforms into a beautiful human (F)

Max:                            RICK’s dog, loveable family dog (M/F)




Song 1 – Beautiful Briny Sea (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) – Carlton, sisters and chorus

Song 2 – Pure Shores (All Saints) – sisters

Song 3 – Beyond the sea (Bobby Darin)– Prince Rick, Nanny and chorus

Song 4 – Thousand years (Christina Perri) (just a chorus of song) – Arielle

Song 5 – Mysterious girl (Peter Andre) – Prince Rick

Song 6 – You’re my world (Cilla Black) – Arielle

Song 7 – Unfortunate souls (Disney’s Little Mermaid) Or I put a spell on you (Nina Simone) – Seawitch



Song 1 – Our House (Madness) – Nanny, Rick and chorus

Song 2 – Kiss you (One Direction) – Carlton, Skittle and chorus

Song 3 – Poison (Alice Cooper) – Pretty Seawitch

Song 4 – I loved her first (Heartland) – King Trident

Song 5 – A sailor went to sea (audience participation) Sugar & Spice

Song 6 – Never Forget (Take That) – All



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