PANEGYRIC by Kenneth N. Kurtz


Panegyric  is a romantic comedy. It is 1905 and three men who never really grew up find their shades delivered to the perfect purgatory. Oscar Wilde dallies (quite innocently) with a beautiful boy, Lewis Carroll flounders with a young and fetching mermaid, and Paul Gauguin chases after a nubile native princess. Of course they all learn to fear the ticking sound of the crocodile. You guessed it. Their souls have been delivered to the Neverland. This is a sequel to Peter Pan, and now is the centenary of that lovely classic, which two prequel novels by humorist Dave Barry, and an estate commissioned sequel as well as a Johnny Depp biopic have helped to celebrate — to say nothing of the recent film version of the original play, plus Peter And The Starcatcher as well as Finding Neverland running on Broadway.



Charles Dodgson (alias Lewis Carroll), 65.

Oscar Wilde, 45

Paul Gauguin, 55.

Mermaid, fetchingly young…and a good swimmer.

Princess Tiger Lily, 21…and very curvaceous.

Two Native Men, 20’s…and equally handsome. (One doubles as the Steward.)

Peter Pan, 12.  And he really must be a boy.

Five very optional ragamuffins

Tinker Bell, who is played in the traditional way by a follow spot.  Lasers might even allow her to “carry” the ruby jewels.


1 hour 30 minutes



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