PACKAGE OF CARE by Julia Swain


Set entirely in the living room of Sarah Mitchell, a middle aged woman with alcohol dependence the play charts the visits of a succession of professionals – an environmental health officer, a social worker and an addictions nurse – who aim to offer Sarah a package of care for her difficulties. As the play unfolds we learn of the series of life events that led to Sarah’s current situation and we also discover that the lives of the professionals are not that perfect and Sarah finds herself, on occasions, being ‘therapist’ to her helpers.

In the second act we slowly begin to realise that each of them were somehow involved in the pivotal life events that sent her down the pathway of alcohol dependence even though they themselves are oblivious to the connections. In the final act three new characters arrive to force entry into Sarah’s home where she has, sadly, taken her own life. Although played by the same actors as the previous professionals, they are in different roles (a police officer, a GP and a second environmental health officer). Sarah has left a suicide note and in it refers to her visitors and their involvement in her decline into addiction but it is at this point we discover the trick that alcohol had played on her mind.




SARAH MITCHELL      A middle aged woman with a significant alcohol dependence. She is educated and rather sarcastic. She walks with a limp.

GAVIN REYNOLDS      In his early 30s. An environmental health officer with the local council.

DAISY McCAIN        In her early to mid 30s. A social worker specialising in drug and alcohol work.

PETER GOUGH         In his 40s. An experienced nurse with the drug and alcohol treatment service.

PC CARTWRIGHT       A police officer played by the same actor as Daisy McCain.

DR MARSHALL         A GP played by the same actor as Gavin Reynolds.

MICHAEL RILEY       An environmental health officer played by the same actor as Peter Gough.



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