ONE MAN SHOW by Annette Kane


‘One Man Show’ is a comedy about a clueless gallery owner – and how stereotypes, identity and prejudice all play a part in the crazy world of selling art.



RALPH FRY aka RAIF DE VRIES, 40s, gallery owner

LUCY, 25-30, his PA, blond and upper class

BYRON, 18-20, intern/assistant, pale & androgynous

KARL, doorman

SANDY, caterer (male)

GIGI, 25-30, florist

KIT, 30-45, previous exhibitor, handsome and ‘manly’

CHARLES POWEL, 45+, art critic

ROBIN BIBI, 60-70, female artist

TONY ROACH, 40-60, collector

SHERRY CLASS, 40-60, top collector

THEODORE CLASS, 40-60, her husband

AXEL PFEIFFER, 40-40, curator

JO, 20s,member of the public, on front row

MAX, 20s, member of the public, on front row



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