ON MY OWN? by Rod Dungate


The idea for this little collection of verse monologues came from Paul Smith – publisher of Smith Scripts. He had said, one day, that people were looking for short plays on his site; it seemed they suited people in these days of distancing and other restrictions.  So I sent him a poem, Graham and Me and said I could turn it into a short play if he liked it.  His response took me a bit by surprise.  ‘Don’t change it at all, he said, ‘it works perfectly as a monologue just as it is.’

The idea of a collection of dramatic verse monologues was born.

I have spent most of my adult life (and a lot of the pre-adult life) being involved in theatre and poetry activities.  It has often been remarked that there is a poetry feel to the way I use language in my plays.  Even I can see that there is a theatrical quality to much of my poetry.  On My Own? has given me the opportunity to bring these threads together.

The pieces are in several different styles; I hope you enjoy these.  I hope they offer a range of the dark and the comedic.

I hope, too, that you will find things in common.  That they offer a serious comment on the world around us.  That, whatever there form, they are essentially meant to be performed.  And, most importantly, that they demonstrate at every turn, at every twist, between each full-stop and comma (if the monologue you’re looking at has them of course), the great love I have for language and the power of words.

I trust you will enjoy reading them.  I urge you to read them out loud and see if you enjoy them more.  If that works for you, take it one step further . . .



The 17 pieces are all from an individual’s point of view. They are all aimed at male performers from late teens through to middle and old age



Varies from 3 minutes to 25 minutes



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