OLD WOUNDS by Jeffrey T Heyer


Vic, an injured tough, brings his old companion Lupino, a corrupt police officer, to arrest a mysterious man whom Vic claims attacked him. The two begin to suspect that Raecher is a forgotten figure from their dark mutual past who has altered his appearance to make himself appear to be a vampire—an embodiment of vengeance. As each character tests how far the others will go, verbal sparring soon explodes into violence.



Vic Norman – A tough guy used to bullying his way into whatever he wants, who begins to feel the rug pulled out from under him.

Officer Jaekel– A longtime associate of Vic’s, equally tough and self-centered. He is a big man, physically intimidating and ready for anything he can imagine.

Raecher – Tall, gaunt, pale, intense eyes, long canine teeth, dressed in black, highly intelligent. He seems to burn with a powerful fire, yet there is something missing from his humanity. No matter what emotion is visible upon his surface, it is always apparent there is something dead in him.

All three men should be of about the same age as they went to school together years earlier than the events of this play.




In 2004 “The Blood Is the Life” had a workshop performance at the Playwrighting Competition at The Western Stage at Hartnell College, Salinas. Among other subsequent adjustments, the title was changed to “Old Wounds”.



Approximately 10 minutes




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