OH, MARTHA by Dave Proctor


You might see another work I recently wrote ‘Oh Joyce’

I should explain that Oh Joyce was written as a homage to a very English comedian, Joyce Grenfell, who had the most ‘’cut-glass’ accent and very English mannerisms.

Yet in my research, I found out she was the daughter of an American Socialite and an English father.

So I imagined a long lost American cousin for Joyce, called Martha, and have now put these comedy monologues into an American voice, suitable for American audiences.

Oh, Martha is an evening of comedy monologues, poems and music.

And to repeat the old saying ‘two countries separated by the same language’ this translation was not an easy task and I must thank my good friend Sharon Pedersen for her help and for pointing out that some innocent English phrases had totally different meanings in America.






Approx 80 minutes



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