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OFSTED Fred, written in 2017 by writer Alan Dawson, is a traditional two act farce. The contemporary piece is centred in St Catherine’s School staff room and events pan out over the two days of a school OFSTED Inspection.

OFSTED Fred is to debut, June 2018; to played by Mansfield Community Drama Group, Under the Headstocks, with whom the piece was developed.

St Catherine’s are having an OFSTED Inspection and with the new maniacal Head Teacher, Fred, at the helm things are going awfully wrong. The OFSTED Inspector, Janice Breaker, is an old adversary of Fred’s and she would like no better than to see one of his schools go into special measures.

The school staff are at odds with each other and the Chairman of the Governors, Oliver Green, offers no stability for them. Married man, Green, is in fact having an affair with the Head of the English Department, Ms Veronica Barker. Further to this, students, Mercedes and Oliver’s son, Trevor, have bugged the staff room for a laugh and have made audio recordings of the staff on Trevor’s IPad. The IPad falls into the hands of Ms Barker who uses it to her personal advantage.

To add to the chaos, PE teacher, Kenneth Buckle, had a fling of sorts with Janice Breaker when they were both undergraduates at university. Janice has loved no one since and Fred tries to use this to his advantage – especially when he discovers that Janice got a young Kenneth drunk so she could have her wicked way with him. The demented Head Teacher tries to persuade Buckle to sleep with the OFSTED Inspector to influence her to give the school an outstanding judgement – the inept and selectively deaf, Mr Crawford, is charged with filming the event.

Ms Barker, through her duplicity and guile, seizes power from Fred and persuades the OFSTED Inspector to give the school a deserved judgement of ‘Good’. The piece concludes with OFSTED Fred, who by this time is going around in his underwear, grabbing the IPad and making a run for it.

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OFSTED Fred: 40s is a Head Teacher obsessed with OFSTED and gaining and an outstanding Judgement. His mental health deteriorates as the piece runs and his behaviour is erratic throughout.

Janice Breaker: ginger hair and glasses, 40s, is a senior OFSTED Inspector. She is ruthless and pragmatic – unless she is concerned with Kenneth.

Kenneth Buckle:  40s PE teacher and heavy smoker. Is quite happy to go along with life without any fuss – he is an inspirational teacher and is liked by the students. He spends most of his time taking the rise out of his adversary, Ms Barker.

Veronica Barker: 30s Head of the English Department. Veronica is career minded and will do anything to get ahead. Her character gets stronger as Fred weakens. She manipulates her lover Oliver Green to her own ends. She is not popular with the students.

Mr Crawford: 90s adds to the chaos through his lack of hearing/ understanding. Is more interested in what is for lunch than the effective running of the school.

Mercedes: 18 year old Student from a sink housing estate – it is her idea to bug the staff room. As her character develops it is obvious that she can achieve good things at St Catherine’s. She manipulates Trevor.

Trevor Green: 18 year old student and son of Governor, Oliver Green – he is manipulated by Mercedes. He becomes slightly unbalanced when he discovers that his father is having an affair with Ms Barker.

Oliver Green: 50s Chair of Governors and Ms Barker’s lover. He is faint-heated and colludes with Veronica so she gains the Headship of St Catherine’s.



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