OF NO PLEASANT SIDE by Frank S Petrilli


August in the Sudetenland of 1939, two Nazi Red Cross Nurses are poisoned to death while serving in a humble Catholic Infirmary for peasants in a village outside of Prague. It is the task of an SS Officer to quickly solve the crime, catch the killer, and impose execution to satisfy the demand of his superiors for Third Reich justice.



Ernst Steiger, Haupsturmführer (SS) — A highly educated man. A true officer and a gentleman. Eloquent. Fair. Personable. Upper-class background with a strong sense of duty. He reports directly to to Der Gruppenführer.

Reverend Mother Immaculata –- A Sister of Saint Ludmila. Pragmatic. Hard- working. Educated. She is the Mother Superior of Saint Ludmila’s Infirmary in the small village of Libedec, south of Prague.

Frieda Tobanczyk, a Midwife – Polish. Gruff. Brash. A drinker and a chain- smoker.

Sister Agata –- An aging Sister of Saint Ludmila. Tough. Frank. Forthright. Puckish at times. She can get cranky when hungry, and has a sweet-tooth.

Doktor Hodža –- A banty-rooster of a man from the Hospital in Prague. He is the attending physician of Saint Ludmila’s, and a bit high-strung.

Otto Von Straub, Obersturmführer (SS) –- A boorish, pompous show-off with a forceful demeanor. He struggles to be high-class, but is not. Adjutant to Der Gruppenführer.

Korporal Franz Jaeger (SS-VT) – A sensitive young man who is a music student back home. He finds himself trapped within the Party-Line.

Leutnantin Gerta Meier, Wachführerin (DRK) – A military German Red Cross Head Nurse. A strict, severe woman, bearing the burden of her position and saddled with the Party-Line. She is fierce about her beliefs in the Fatherland, the Cause, and her work.

Jutta Mohr, Haupthelferin (DRK) –- A civilian German Red Cross Nurse. Serious. Dark. Stealth. Lean. Quiet. She is Gerta Meir’s number-one.

Trude Beck, Oberhelferin (DRK) — A civilian German Red Cross Nurse. Fair- haired. Zaftig. Robust. Friendly. Disingenuous. She is Gerta Meir’s number-two.

Lydi Groote, Assistierende Krankenschwester (BDM) – A volunteer Nursing Assistant. An innocent, but goofy, young lady from a small village nestled in the hills on the Belgium/German border. A country-bumpkin, she has a tendency to be clumsy, and has an odd guffaw. Pleasant, with strong optimism, and a constant positve attitude.

Der Gruppenführer, Das Reichsprotektor of Bohemia, Moravia und Sudetenland (SS) – Charming. Well-spoken. Lean. Charismatic, but lethal. The definitive CEO for the Third Reich who has total power over the Sudetenland.



A Concert Reading at STAGE II of the Town Players of New Canaan, Powerhouse Theater, New Canaan, CT – November 23 & November 24, 2019.


Approximately 110 minutes



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