NOT MORE BANANAS by Colin Barrow


This one-act play, with it’s simple but interesting stage dressing, gives an amusing day in the life of an old lady who is temporarily residing in a nursing home having had a minor stroke. The on-stage requirements are easy, as any furnishings can look as if they are personal property and brought from home.

A gentle comedy, which the author has witnessed in real life between various visits to hospitals or residential homes. The compilation of these events or situations has been written into a one act play script.

Alice, has a visitor, Marion, who talks incessantly and, as she does not listen at all, is quite frankly the last person you’d want to visit. Julia, a good friend, and, Peter, another good friend, Alice depends on Julia a little to bring her things and do her washing, etc. And then finally Karen who appears right at the close of the play which brings the climax.

The crux of the play is that everyone feels bananas are the best thing to bring as a gift and Alice hates them, which means the nurse spends valuable time removing these bananas along with some other patient requirements rather than having a well-earned tea break.



Alice:- Elderly and has had a minor stroke. Quite a well classed person who hates bananas who also has a slight ‘standard’ with how things should be. Peter is the one person that she finds funny and willing to laugh with or play a joke with him.

Marion:- She is a lady that should be played aged middle fifties and upwards. An unwanted acquaintance of Alice who’s in a slight hurry, talks incessantly, never listens and is quite forthright.

Julia:- Could be any age, but probably best at least forty and upwards. A good friend of Alice with a kind and helping nature.

Peter:- Any age from forty upwards and ex-army. Good and close friend to Alice, and they have a warmth between them. Quite fun and not too serious.

Nurse:- Any age and could be male or female. Quite bright and cheerful.

Karen:-           Any age and with a name change could be a male. Enters with one line right at the end of the play. At a push through costume change, the person who played Marion could also double up and play this character too.


Approximately 35-40 minutes



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