A man experiences  the sensation epitomised in his favourite film – Groundhog Day

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PREVIEW – This is an excerpt from the full script

It started one Friday in the bar. I saw Billy, at the end of the night, turn and smile, then slowly put on his overcoat. I didn’t say a word. Kept it to myself. I thought that’s the way to play it. Say nowt and then you don’t get yourself into any bother. I might say something I’ll regret. Like when a man and woman have an argument, you side with one or the other and the next thing you know you’re cut off their Christmas card list. I could see that in Billy. I had seen him do the same movement week-after-week. When I got home, I thought this is just like my favourite film, ‘Groundhog Day.’ You know, with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell, when one day is repeated over and over.

The next day, I had just finished watching ‘Groundhog’ for the third time, and was listening to the usual sounds in the street. The dog was silent. That was unusual. Normally it barks when a fly passes. It’s black and barks when anyone trundles by its door. It’s not annoying, it’s bloody annoying. It was at that precise moment, when the dog wasn’t barking, that I picked up my blue pen and I realised I had done this, in exactly the same way, a million times before.

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