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‘New Town’ is a lively, upbeat musical of original songs inspired by Stax Soul and Motown and follows the fortunes of a family who move from a slum area of London in the early 1960’s to a fictional ‘new town’ (a la Stevenage or Harlow). The show celebrates this new architectural dream and the optimism of the time. It is an affectionate look at the idea of ‘family’ and relationships and tackles themes such as redemption, LBGTQ identity and gender identity. Most importantly, though, it is fun!

This is a musical with backing tracks – with a recorded ‘soundtrack’ to hear how the songs should be sung.

If you would like to do your own arrangements, a songbook with lyrics and chords is provided plus a rough piano score (taken directly from MIDI piano data – limited use perhaps, but it may help MD’s).


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Colin – married to Iris and Father of Joe and Petra – an engineer, a nice man, prone to being annoyed – almost in a comical way – never aggressive and always approachable – he knows his wife runs the family home and does not attempt to rule to roost – is a traditionalist, but when challenged is adaptable – someone who learns and adapts and is able to see beyond the immediately obvious, despite appearances to the contrary.

Iris – married to Colin, mother of Joe and Petra – a ‘housewife’ as befits the time. She is a traditionalist – a conformist who, even though her daughters feelings echo her own, she  can only  deal with her disclosure up to a point. She pushes her feelings down for the benefit of others and is immeasurably supportive of her family and hugely strong, emotionally. She can be fierce – sometimes in a comical manner.

Joe – son, of Colin and Iris – confident in the home environment, cheeky and funny, but no confidence with girls – falls in love almost immediately. Overtly ‘tragic’ in his view of the world – not ‘young, free and single’ in any sense of the word. He is very sensitive, quite nervous and requires the support of those around him to function.

Petra – daughter of Colin and Iris – impetuous, sarcastic, very intelligent, very funny. She falls in love with Rosemary although buries her feelings as much as she can – she cannot deny her feelings. Despite her social conditioning, she is able to journey beyond that which society expects of her.

Emily – daughter of Len “Lofty” Lynch, intelligent, occasionally defiant, has a distinct distrust of people and particularly men, as the behaviour by her father in the past – as well as the male figures surrounding him in the past – have left a lot to be desired. The absence of her mother in recent years has had a palpable effect on her.  She can be extremely manipulative and also seeks  attention/validation – she is a survivor and pushes, prods and pokes to test people. She loves her Father and is protective yet critical. She is alarmingly open at times and able to understand her feelings.

Rosemary – a girlfriend of Petra – intelligent, caring, patient and kind, although is the kind to quietly snigger if someone falls over. Emotionally intelligent – she knows herself and is perceptive about other people.

Daniel – brother of Emily – very conventional, very straight- laced. Will almost definitely follow a conventional path in life – which is right for him. Unable to initially comprehend Rosemary’s actions, but does eventually put her needs ahead of his own prejudice – which indicates a person who can learn and grow; however slowly. Good hearted, but easily confused – society has taught him one thing and he finds it very hard to navigate away from that conditioning.

Len “Lofty” Lynch – ex-London gangster, small but menacing – his reputation proceeds him. He is known to be a violent man, but the reality is different – he played little part in the violence that his brother and his cronies reveled in. He did take part in criminality, although this is mostly in the respect of fraud, money laundering and so on. His activities,  the expectations placed on him by his brother and the ‘gang’ as well as his unfaithfulness eventually led to the break up of his marriage for which his daughter resents him. Is a changed man by the time we meet him.



A preview of the music is available here

Backing Tracks, Piano & Vocal Score available – please email info@smithscripts for further details – a further cost is involved.



Preview of the script is available here

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